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  • "I now use it daily.. it's an excellent package! I can protect an entire drive with just one password, and it's so quick and easy too..."
     – J.C. Green, Preston.
  • "You have a great product in WinEncrypt! .. high quality feel and very reliable. I work for a Fire Dept. and use it daily... Thanks."
     – Jeff (Soquel, CA).

Have you encrypted your data today?

Whether it's your business forecasts for the next financial year, your marketing strategies, the molecular structure of the new polymer you are patenting, lists of confidential client data, personal documents, email, images or even your vacation video... Your files are for your eyes only. At WinEncrypt, we help you keep it that way.

Most of us have sensitive information on our hard disks. This content can range from financial information to private correspondence we'd rather no one else had access to. The best way to protect this content is to encrypt those files and folders. Networks can be hacked, computers can be stolen. But encryption makes your data useless to anyone without the right password. Even if someone gets your encrypted files, they can't use them. That's the magic of cryptography!

We have a range of encryption and data privacy solutions on offer, from student editions to solutions for securing huge databases across networks. WinEncrypt encryption products have been designed and optimised specially for encryption. Our products protect your data with strong, well-known and globally accepted algorithms. Our products are compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.

You can protect all file formats - be it emails, databases, spreadsheets, text, graphics, audio or even video. You can even make encrypted backups of your files easily on your hard drive, or on external media like CD, DVD, or USB drives. You can secure data that is being distributed on CDs. What's more, you can even install and run programs that are accessible and visible only to you!

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WinEncrypt CryptArchiver
  • Keep your important files away from prying eyes.
  • Create virtual "Encrypted Drives" upto 20 GB in size.
  • Uses strong 448-bit Blowfish and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Easy to use, just drag-and-drop!
  • Password-protects all types of files and folders.
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