• Keep your important files away from prying eyes.
  • Create virtual "Encrypted Drives" upto 20 GB in size.
  • Uses strong 448-bit Blowfish and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Easy to use, just drag-and-drop!
  • Password-protects all types of files and folders.


  • "I now use it daily.. it's an excellent package! I can protect an entire drive with just one password, and it's so quick and easy too..."
     – J.C. Green, Preston.
  • "You have a great product in WinEncrypt! .. high quality feel and very reliable. I work for a Fire Dept. and use it daily... Thanks."
     – Jeff (Soquel, CA).

Current Software Version

WinEncrypt CryptArchiver
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Released on 17 November 2014
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White Papers

WinEncrypt Data Security Obligations for Business

Most nations have laws in place to ensure the protection of personal information shared online by their citizens, a uniform global code of conduct towards data security obligations for businesses is yet to be put in place.

WinEncrypt Protecting Digital Assets in the Modern Organization

What are digital assets?

Any text document, video or audio file, image in an electronic form, with the right of using it, is referred to as a digital asset. A digital asset can be owned by a company or an individual. A company can create its own digital assets and can even buy them, along with the sole rights to using them. Digital assets also include animations and scanned documents initially created by the employees of the company. As companies own the copyright to their digital assets, anybody caught using them in any form is liable for legal action or penalty as per company norms.

Flash Drives and the problems of traveling salesman

A true contingency problem arises whenever a person tries frantically to protect the data that is in one or more ways important. The range of the people might vary from a school going teenager to a corporate hotshot. People dealing with a lot of files are always losing their sleep over how to protect the data and keep the information safe and sound. There have been numerous attempts to safeguard the data and protect any flash drives from virus and Trojan attacks but most have proved to be untrustworthy.

Thumb Drives and the Modern Office: Modernization Personified

Thumb Drives are really useful items in any modern day office. They give you great instructions on how make the most out of your USB Thumb Drive. They can create a wonderful shape to your current work structure. These are helpful items that you would not want to rule out from your professional life.

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