• Keep your important files away from prying eyes.
  • Create virtual "Encrypted Drives" upto 20 GB in size.
  • Uses strong 448-bit Blowfish and 256-bit AES encryption.
  • Easy to use, just drag-and-drop!
  • Password-protects all types of files and folders.


  • "I now use it daily.. it's an excellent package! I can protect an entire drive with just one password, and it's so quick and easy too..."
     – J.C. Green, Preston.
  • "You have a great product in WinEncrypt! .. high quality feel and very reliable. I work for a Fire Dept. and use it daily... Thanks."
     – Jeff (Soquel, CA).

Current Software Version

WinEncrypt CryptArchiver
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Released on 17 November 2014
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Custom Encryption Solutions

Custom requirements?

Apart from the standard features in our off-the-shelf security solutions, we we also have experience in incorporating diverse custom requirements and implementing these in mission-critical systems. For more information, please contact the Winencrypt Customer Support Dept.

Implementing security in your organization?

Although CryptArchiver products enable you to use the best encryption techniques in the world, it's the implementation that finally determines how secure your data really is. When evaluating software to supplement your security policy, there are a number of important points to consider. The key length, key initialization, presence of keys in memory (RAM or swap), secure deletion and cryptographic optimization in the software under evaluation are just some of the factors to keep in mind. Peer scrutiny of the ciphers used, their theoretical and practical unbreakability, key-escrow and storage, and geographic exportability should also be considered. The user interface or ease-of-use is also an important factor, since the implementation should be as transparent as possible for end-users.

For information on how WinEncrypt products can help with implementing cryptography and data security in your organization, please contact us today.

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